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Headline - Simple. Healthy. Sustainable.

Simple use, healthy action and a sustainable concept. The salivent®aerosol inhalator supports and promotes health in a simple way increasing everyday well-being of children and adults into old age – without any side effects. Use salivent® as often as you like, but optimally at least 2-3 times a day. Breathe easy, of course, also in terms of prevention. There are only three steps to feeling the power of the ocean.



Please thoroughly clean your salivent® prior to use and use the dosage which is listed in the salivent® operating instructions for the water and sea salt.

Warming up

Now close the device, attach the breathing mask and connect your salivent® for approx. 30 minutes with the mains. In this way, the contents are warmed up to a pleasant 38°C body temperature.

Simply inhale

Remove your salivent® from the mains and inhale. Enjoy the refreshing, saline air - like being at the ocean - which reaches the deepest parts of the lungs as the finest aerosols.

salivent inhaler
Headline - That helps! Finally breathe easy again.

Even if you do not have acute symptoms of a throat, nasal or bronchial illness, you will feel from the first use of your salivent® aerosol inhalator how pleasant and also anti-inflammatory it is to breath fresh sea air. Enjoy the healing power of the sea.

With the following illnesses, salivent® aerosol inhalator eases breathing for children and adults verifiably:

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