The salivent® principle / Breathe as if you were at the ocean

Headline - with salivent<SUP>®</SUP> the ocean is everywhere.

You can now use the power of the ocean simply anywhere for your health and well-being. Breathe easy with salivent®! The salivent® aerosol inhalator offers children and adults a pleasant inhalation of saline, microfine aerosols like experiencing wind force 10 on the North Sea. Your medical wellness walk along the ocean.

From time immemorial, the inhalation of saline water particles has been used as a supportive respiratory therapy which soothes and naturally relieves coughs, colds, allergies, asthma and other respiratory illnesses. The conscious inhalation and exhalation acts in a physically and mentally relaxing manner so that the active regeneration and health of your body is noticeably promoted.

Patients with chronic bronchial conditions know how beneficial a stay on the coast can be: When inhaling the natural sea salt in the air, relief comes quickly.

We recommend the salivent® aerosol inhalator for
 - Coughs, colds, hoarseness
 - Hay fever, allergies and asthma
 - Chronic and acute respiratory illnesses
 - Inflammation of the respiratory tract, nose and sinuses

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salivent - breathe as if you were at the ocean

The salivent® principle / Your salivent® aerosol inhalator

Headline - All the power of the ocean in one device.

The purest relief! And so easy. With the salivent® aerosol inhalator, children and adults inhale saline, microfine aerosols which reach the large bronchial tubes and the deepest lung areas (so-called alveoli) over the nose and throat and ease breathing.

Just how does it work? Conscious inhalation with short pauses creates fine and the finest respirable aerosols with a mass median between 1 and 2 μm. These reach the bronchial tubes and the finest alveoli – warmed to a pleasant 38°C body temperature – via the nose and throat. Here they exert their effects and
 - ease breathing
 - stimulate the mucous or secretion formation
 - ease expectoration
 - act as anti-inflammatory
 - stimulate the self-cleaning power of the body

salivent inhaler